What to do when you are self-isolating
Week two thoughts

Home Education in a Pandemic

Home education in a pandemic is a bit like a book.  When you look at the front cover you want all in, but when you go in, it is actually quite hard. Working with your siblings is quite annoying and very distracting. You don't get a break, except for lunch time.  You can't make new friends or see any old friends, because of social distancing.  You can't visit family or friends unless it is via Zoom or Skype or FaceTime. 

On a more positive note you get to eat anything at lunch time, you can do any exercise in PE that you want, and you get one to one teaching, even if the teacher is a bit annoying sometimes, or a bit embarrassing. 

The no shampoo is going well, but I have to brush my hair thoroughly every day so the knots will come out and so the natural oils in my scalp will flow through the rest of my hair. 

2020-03-29 16.59.42

2020-03-29 16.59.58-1


To keep myself busy and entertained, as part of of my school work I made a pencil case out of one of my old dresses that didn't fit me any more and an old zip. It's a fun activity, it recycles your old clothes instead of buying new fabric and is another way of storing any loose pencils, pens,make-up or any small toys.

2020-03-30 15.33.21


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That’s amazing and that pencil case looks amazing ✏️✏️✏️


Sorry about the annoying teacher, my two are suffering the same way :)
Love the pencil case! Any plans for the rest of the material? Can't wait to see!

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