Week two thoughts
My fabulous life in lockdown

Week three and four of weirdness

One of my many projects was making a tiny doll sized beanbag for my lol dolls.

Lol doll beanbag

My hair is doing fabulously. On the contrary my mums is doing horribly! (her opinion but I think so too)

Hair after 3 weeks no shampoo

Hair after 3 weeks no shampoo_2

I drew some pictures following some drawing tutorials by Jo Ryan and I really, really throughly enjoyed doing it. 

Rainbow zebra pens

When I was brainstorming ideas on what to do for an upcoming home education art lesson I figured that if I wanted to paint with water colour pencils and I loved drawing with Jo, then why not do a water colour version of one of the drawing I had already drawn with pens.

Rainbow zebra watercolours

I also had an after school club with some of my friends over Zoom and we all drew some of the pictures together.  It was really fun. 

I had an easter egg that was 70% dark chocolate and it was too much to handle so with a few other ingredients I whipped up a rocky road and it was delish!

Last christmas I received a chocolate reindeer freakshake kit and I made it on easter Monday even though I wanted to do it on the Sunday. (brother problems) It was amazing but very sweet and packed with a load of chocolate even though we didn't have any chocolate ice cream. It wasn't perfect  because I had no ice cream.


Reindeer freakshake

I had no ice cream in the house because I had already eaten it all! (whoopsie!) It was chocolate orange flavour but still!




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