Home Education in a Pandemic
Week three and four of weirdness

Week two thoughts

Week two of home schooling; I am getting used to the routine. 

I have to do half an hour of P.E in the morning with Joe Wicks at 9 am, I am loving it as I am able to do most of the exercises really well. I have to do 30 minutes of physical exercise outside in the afternoon as well.

I made another pencil case except this time with a lining.

2020-04-05 16.28.49

Yesterday I made coffee and walnut cupcakes all by myself! (My mum chopped the walnuts and looked up the recipe. The oven cooked the cupcakes. The hob heated the icing. Except from those reasons!) I made them for my other mum's birthday.

2020-04-04 17.15.28

I have not washed my hair for about two weeks now.

2020-04-05 15.46.47

2020-04-05 15.47.23

Just for fun I have made pom-poms of a few slightly different sizes.

2020-04-05 15.48.04

My next project is going to be, making a beanbag for my L.O.L surprise dolls.




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