Week three and four of weirdness
Thoughts on the Hay Festival

My fabulous life in lockdown

I'm having fun in lockdown and I don't want it to end.  I'm doing so many fun things.  And sometimes it's fun being scared, because you don't know what's going to happen next. 

I made chocolate crispy cakes and Yorkshire puddings.  

2020-04-29 13.36.24

I'm very excited, because I baked my first ever loaf of bread, all by myself. 

2020-04-28 10.46.57


After 6 weeks of not shampoo and conditioning my hair I think it has been very successful, even though I might have missed a few days of brushing :) I think not using shampoo has gone well and I will carry on not using it in the future. 


2020-05-04 13.02.12

2020-05-04 13.03.00

As I said in my last blog post, l enjoy following the Simple Sketches by Jo Ryan, and this is every single one I have ever drawn:

2020-05-04 19.40.17
2020-05-04 19.40.17
2020-05-04 19.40.17
2020-05-04 19.40.17
2020-05-04 19.40.17

As part of my art lesson I also drew the robin and the easter chicks in watercolour. I hope you enjoy my creations. 

2020-05-06 19.08.53

As a fun and yummy challenge I am going to make chocolate and vanilla spiral biscuits next.




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